Silver Dragon | Premium Vodka
The Silver Dragon Vodka (SDV) distillery sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.
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In the pursuit of perfection, the skilled hand of our master blender crafts our luxury vodka using exclusively glacier-fed Canadian spring water to distill premium local rye grain. A painstaking filtering process then refines the spirit’s smooth natural flavor and texture to enhance its rich character. Splashed on the rocks, mixed, or in a martini, experience the essence of our passion and let loose the dragon: Silver Dragon Vodka.


The Silver Dragon Vodka (SDV) distillery sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. Outside the distillery doors are the rivers, streams and fields of the province’s Highwood region, home to SDV’s artisanal glacier spring, rye crops, and a long history of agronomy. Fresh glacier water flows from the Rockies to soak the fertile soil that produces some of the world’s finest grain, carrying with it the all-natural flavors captured in SDV’s signature blend. A creature of mountain lore, and our namesake, the dragon represents these naturally replenishing primal forces of nature. Let loose the dragon.


Our master blender starts with fresh, locally sourced rye and hones its character through distillation. Filtered five times and served cold, the glacier spring water releases our vodka’s delicate balance of aroma and flavor, beginning with a creamy, soft hint of vanilla. The rich, velvety texture of Silver Dragon introduces the palate to a full, round, medium-bodied weight that features notes of almond and vanilla intermixed with a savory peppery sweetness. The almond notes linger on the tongue and develop from nutty gestures into a clean, smooth finish. Let loose the dragon.


Release your inner Dragon with our EZ Share Pack, our premium vodka packaged into individual one-ounce shot cups. Let loose the flavor at the bar, sports venues, picnics and at home. Let loose your inner dragon and collect them all. (Co-branding is available upon request.)


Silver Dragon Premium Vodka will be revealing its signature Vodka Brand to Asia-Pacific at this years Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Show - Nov 10-12, 2016.  Please visit our booth 3E-A20 at the HKCEC. For more information please email [email protected] or call 1-866-834-3034